SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH… Quiet… Don’t Say It!… It’s Not Nice To Say!

Wow! We’ve come a long way in refining on, ‘who we are.’  Our leaders in Government, Industry and Retail have now dictated as to what type of people we are.  And just what is, ‘who we are’?  Well, let’s start with the forbidden words we are not to say in a public or government place […]

Desensitized from the aromas of evil

Are we desensitized from the aromas of evil that surround the ‘sin of abortion’? I spoke to someone about this and the party’s expression went like, ‘so what’!  If we watched the news this past month, we are aware that we have graduated from one evil to another one greater.  What is happening at the […]

Can We Keep On Going This Way?

As we watch the horrific and barbaric acts of genocide against those who believe in Jesus Christ in the Mideast by jihadists, one must wonder if the world is sleeping. There were no voices from Christian countries in South America, Europe, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world calling for action against such violence. […]